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Resilience & Preparedness

We help organisations prepare for and respond to high-consequence events which have the potential to seriously disrupt operations, damage reputation and destroy shareholder value.

These range from significant business disruptions due to severe weather, acts of terrorism, industrial action and pandemics to major strategic, commercial or loss events such as project ‘go-live’, new product launch and product recalls, and even fraud and consumer data leakage.

Technology Resilience

Increasing complexity and data volumes continue to stretch recovery capabilities, and whilst many organisations still fail to get the basics right, others strive to improve both the speed and confidence in their recovery process. If IT is critical to your business then technology resilience must be a top priority. 

Operational Resilience

Risk, uncertainty and the interdependency of business today make effective business continuity and contingency planning a necessary activity for organisations of all sizes. 

Organisational Resilience

An organisation’s ability to anticipate and respond effectively to disruptive events, particularly high impact, low probability events is dependent on it being prepared; we help our clients develop risk management and response capabilities. 

Simulations & War gaming

Organisations are not often tested in crisis scenarios, thus struggle to react adequately in case of an incident. We have developed a framework for simulating crisis scenarios for our customers. This allows us to simulate crisis at all levels of the organization. We cover a wide range of scenarios, which include cyber attacks and terrorism.