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Risk education and training

Having risk management as an embedded part of organisational activities and decision-making requires having the right level of skills, knowledge and capabilities in place to enable employees to take ownership of risks and to fulfil their roles as they relate to ERM.

From instructor-led trainings to web-based seminars we can help you increase your organisation’s risk awareness and develop its capabilities around ERM - in line with your corporate culture and tailored to your organisational expectations.

Executive and board training

We will develop and deliver ERM training to Executives and the Board in an engaging way that incorporates both stakeholder and regulatory expectations to enable the Board and Executives to fulfil their risk-related responsibilities. 

Risk education workshops and training

From junior team members to more experienced risk practitioners, we can help develop and deliver a tailored enterprise risk education that fits your organisation’s stakeholder and regulatory environment. 

Risk and control culture survey

Assessing where your organisation stands today when it comes to embracing risk management and risk-intelligent decision making is no easy task. We can support you by conducting a risk and control culture survey.