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Risk health check – ERM assessment

By conducting a Risk Management health check your organisation will undergo a high-level assessment of the degree of sophistication and maturity of your current risk management practices. Through this you will gain insights to your organisation’s risk management strengths, the consistency of risk management practices and to opportunities for further improvement.

ERM maturity assessment and ERM capability development plan

To assess your organisation’s level of risk management capabilities, Deloitte has developed the ERM maturity model and diagnostic tool, which is consistent with concepts embodied in the ISO 31000 International Standard on risk management. We can assist you in better understanding your current risk management situation and to define the right level of ERM capabilities for your organisation as well as the steps required to achieve it. 

ERM Benchmarking

Organisations typically exhibit varying levels of ERM maturity. Through ERM Benchmarking you can gain an understanding of how your organisation’s risk management capabilities measure up against industry best practice and your peer companies.