5 questions for Mylène Stoerckle, Senior Auditor, Audit Corporate

“Doing the right thing in an economic environment where fraud is common”

Get to know the people that shape Deloitte’s culture and community and make us such a unique place to work! Find out more about their backgrounds and unique career paths, learn what their daily work routine is like and what they are excited about.

Meet Mylène Stoerckle, Senior, Audit Corporates, for whom working in Audit is much more than crunching numbers – it’s about “doing the right thing.”

1. Tell us a bit more about how you came to work for Deloitte. How does your career path look?

I joined Deloitte after finishing my master’s degree in Accounting and Finance at the University of St. Gallen. During my Master’s, I worked in the auditing department of another company as a part-time working student so I knew already that I wanted to work at one of the Big Four companies. I ended up choosing Deloitte because I got the sense that Deloitte is an open-minded, friendly, and team-oriented company when I did my interview. I have now been with Deloitte for over 2 years and will be doing my Swiss Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam next summer in order for me to become an accredited Auditor and sign financial statements myself.

2. How does a typical working day look like for you?

A typical day at work in a non-COVID-19 environment for me would be to get up, get ready and then head to the client site. My work is mostly client-based since we interact with people from the finance, accounting, and controlling departments a lot. In my job, we need to ensure that financial statements as presented by clients are free from material errors. Therefore, we conduct a lot of research and hold discussions with our clients in order to understand how their numbers were derived. A typical day would therefore consist of client meetings and meetings with the team. As a senior auditor, I have responsibility for certain workstreams to be done and am coaching my junior team members to execute the work. Once finalized, I am responsible to perform the first review. On the other side, I am also helping managers and above with more difficult tasks on the client engagement, i.e. when judgment is involved by management and the accounting behind the balance is not straightforward or requires a complex mathematical model to be applied.

“There is always more to explore and a huge potential to grow.”

3. What is it about your job that makes it so exciting?

Every day is different; you never really know what comes up. The environment I am working in is changing and it is reflected within the client’s financials. I am working on one of our largest audit engagements within Switzerland and it’s my third year on the client. However, I have still not seen everything. I highly appreciate that there is still more to explore and see and the potential to grow on the client. Furthermore, it was a super interesting opportunity as it was a new client when I joined and it is very interesting for me to see our relationship with the client growing and the progress we have made in the past years i.e. by applying new technologies in our audit routine.

I think within Audit, it is also important to note that the job as an auditor is often perceived as boring and only reconciling numbers. The opposite is true! It is very broad and there is a variety of areas you can look into. I had no idea how much you can get the chance to know and understand how a company works until I started working in Audit. Because if you do not understand the business model, you can’t understand the balance that is shown in the financial statements and that’s what makes it so exciting.

4. What is the biggest impact that you make with your work for Deloitte?

It might be a bit of a cheesy way to say it, but I like the fact that I am responsible for making sure that the financial statements are free of errors. It’s something that is incorporated within the law and it gives me a feeling of “having done right” amidst an economic environment where fraud and forgery are happening on a daily basis.

5. What do you think makes working for Deloitte different from working for any other company?

One of the opportunities I definitely see within Deloitte is the possibility to gain experience outside of Switzerland. Our clients are present all over the world and so is Deloitte. Therefore, it’s easy to combine and organize exchanges between countries and teams. What I would say overall, though, is it’s the team that makes the difference. We work hard and have certain periods that are quite tough but with the right mindset and attitude within the team, you forget the pain and the long hours. We’ve developed friendships and have been through a lot together. That’s what’s making us even more resilient during the current pandemic.