Franck Tiambo

Why did you join Deloitte originally?

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, an innovator with lots of ideas. I was drawn to Deloitte because it also had an entrepreneurial spirit and it gave me the opportunity to learn about a broad range of topics. From life sciences and the financial services industries to fraud prevention and actuarial modelling, I was fortunate to expand my horizons across several industries and disciplines. I would not have been able to build up such a skill set and develop the relationships I did outside of Deloitte.

Tell us about your career journey at Deloitte

I was really fortunate to have spent almost six years at Deloitte across all of their advisory service lines. In 2015, I joined Deloitte’s risk advisory practice as an actuary with a background in the health and pension funds sectors. Then I gained broad and in-depth knowledge in both consulting and financial advisory as a digital project manager and later as a fraud prevention expert. Being exposed to such a variety of topics and diverse leadership were pivotal to shape the social entrepreneur that I am today.

What did you appreciate the most during your journey? | What are you most proud of?

I enjoyed the opportunity to be the problem solver in the room and always challenge the status quo. One of the projects I worked on had us work with a client in the private banking sector where we were able to shape a more sustainable and cost-effective solution for them. Five years later, the client is still using the solution and we meet up for coffees sometimes to reminisce about the fun times we had during the project.

Where do you see your journey taking you, either professionally or personally?

I am well equipped to tackle the ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity that KimboCare offers. The vision is to address the accessibility gap to quality health services for underserved communities. Leading digital transformation programmes in the health and financial sectors will bring transparent health coverage to millions of people around the world. And Deloitte supported a significant piece of this journey. My final words go out to the people at Deloitte. It is not always easy to find your purpose at all times, but I was always really impressed by the genuine power of sharing amongst my colleagues. Impact that matters is a purpose that we are all live by.