Tobias Pfeiffer

Tell us about your career journey

My career journey was relatively straightforward, as I spent more or less my entire professional career at Deloitte in Basel and Zurich. A total of 33 years and 3 months of auditing with a focus on insurance auditing, 16 years of which as a partner. In 2015, I was elected to the Board of Directors of Schweizerische Mobiliar Genossenschaft and in 2017 to the Board of Directors of Schweizerische Mobiliar Holding AG. Due to regulatory requirements, I had to end my career as an auditor at the end of 2016 and have since been able to concentrate fully on my new position as a member of the Board of Directors and Audit Committee Chair.

How did Deloitte set you up for your career or finding your purpose in life?

It is extremely exciting to move from having an outside view as an auditor at an international accounting and consulting firm to an active role in another interesting, successful and well-managed company. As an auditor at Deloitte, I learned to look at things critically and ask good questions. Also, the principles of ethics, independence and what constitutes as good audit work as well as the insurance industry knowledge were an excellent basis for my new role. Morals, ethics and the tone from the top have become of much greater importance now. It's not what we say and write that matters, it's what we do.

And in my new role, I am actively involved in the important decisions for the company and its over 5’000 employees. It is a great honor for me to help lead this almost 200-year-old company to successfully shape the great opportunities and challenges of the future. With a large and successful company, there is always the danger of resting on one's laurels. But in today's world, where new market players are constantly appearing and disruptively attacking business models, there is no standing still. Actively shaping things is extremely exciting and perfectly complements the critical attitude of an auditor that has been ingrained in me over the years.

What is one positive memory you have of working at Deloitte?

When I look back on my time at Deloitte, I remember not only the professional experiences but also the many personal friendships. The many hours of intensive work, often late at night, during which we were able to carry out extraordinary projects and audits for our clients. The work was never ever boring. I consider that a privilege.

Privately, the liberation from reporting chargeable hours was very nice and enabled me to take on a new hobby. In autumn 2019, I passed the offshore sailing exam. Unfortunately, the corona pandemic has stood between realising my private goals several times since then.