Diversity and Inclusion

Empowerment through diversity and inclusion.

Do you flourish when you can be yourself? We do, too.

We hear you. To us, your opinion carries weight. In fact, true diversity at Deloitte only exists if you add your personal perspective to ours. It’s what makes us strong. Learn more about how we’re creating an inclusive culture where you are supported and empowered to make a valuable contribution to the bigger picture.

At Deloitte, inclusion means embracing everyone’s voice and opinion. We celebrate and value our diversity and combine all our abilities so that new ideas can blossom. So, what can you expect? Equitable opportunities and an inclusive culture where you can be yourself and where your ideas matter.

Our people represent almost 70 nationalities with various backgrounds, career paths, generations and ambitions. We don’t believe everyone has to have a cookie-cutter journey in life or fit into a specific box. Your uniqueness expands our horizons. Together, we find new ways to approach the most complex challenges - every day.

Collaboration across borders and functions

Do you want to experience an inclusive, open culture, explore true diversity and learn from peers and leaders alike? At Deloitte, you can do just that. Work together in interdisciplinary, diverse intercultural teams in Switzerland and within the global Deloitte network.

After all, the ideas emerging from our unique combination of skills, the wide range of backgrounds, approaches and views create a real impact. Our diversity is our strength. Our inclusive culture delivers on our purpose of making an impact that matters to our people, clients, and society.

Promoting equity through dedicated initiatives and benefits

We stand for equity and want all employees to feel respected, valued and celebrated. Our employee networks aim to empower individuality, spread cultural awareness, create a safe space to have courageous conversation and inspire allyship and advocacy. And we encourage our people to join our various Deloitte employee resource groups as active members and allies.

Together, these vibrant communities of committed individuals put on the most inspiring events, inviting internal and external speakers. Everyone at Deloitte can join in,  explore various perspectives and openly share their ideas. And if you can't join in person, we ensure that wherever you are, you have access to actively participate and engage. Currently, we have the following networks for our communities and their allies: WIN - our Women's network, Proud - our LGBTQIA+ network, MCN - our multicultural network, our Neurodiversity network, RISE - our junior professional network; and multiple social and sports networks.

Everyone at Deloitte has a numerous opportunities to develop and grow, regardless of their background and level. Our range of initiatives and developmental programmes include support for working parents through coaching and group sessions, mentoring programmes for women and inclusive leadership labs. And we offer internal “Find Your Why” sessions so everyone can explore their purpose. 

We promote a healthy work-life balance, offering as much flexibility as possible and the option to go part-time anytime. Read more about how we are supporting your work-life balance at Deloitte.

"Our diversity allows us to be truly innovative."

Christophe da Silva, Director, Forensic Technology

Empowering and connecting our people goes beyond skills and knowledge

Diversity comes in many different forms. That’s why we have launched and support several initiatives that help build a genuinely inclusive environment.

  • We celebrate and support our people’s diversity through many dedicated employee networks, including one for women, junior staff, people with a multicultural background, those from the LGBTQAI+ community, and different sports clubs.
  • We provide resources and training programmes in support of an inclusive culture and leadership.
  • We have established a Female Manager Programme for talented women across all business functions to help them grow, assert themselves as leaders, and widen their scope of influence.
  • We have launched a sponsorship programme for female leaders and specific mentoring programmes for women across the firm.
  • We are a proud member of Advance (gender equality in business).
  • We support mental health and wellbeing at Deloitte with several different programs, such as Energy Month, mindfulness offerings, and employee sports clubs.
  • Every year, we celebrate International Women’s Day, The International Day against Homophobia, World Mental Health Day, Pride Month, and many more.

Are you looking for a job where your perspective and your ideas matter? Check out our current open positions.

Here’s how our people experience diversity in their everyday lives:

What I love most about Deloitte is the ease with which I can be myself. Growing up in a diverse environment has helped me understand the importance of diversity and no doubt also contributed to the importance of being open and honest with myself with respect to sexual preferences. We have an amazing number of role models: openly gay people, working mothers, and so on, who all are examples of how diversity and inclusion are lived in the firm. I also love that we can actively engage in topics that are important to us through networks, where people can come together and have a sense of community. I don’t think about inclusiveness and diversity every day – because we truly live it.

Peter Loukopoulos

Chief of Staff and Operations Manager, Tax & Legal