Health and wellbeing

Caring about your health

Working as a consultant can be exciting but also overwhelming at times. You may be faced with tight deadlines, challenging projects and demanding clients. We understand that our employees need support in order to deal with the various challenges that they face so we have developed various resources, tools and programs to help foster their wellbeing.

We want to empower our people to feel their best, and when that isn’t achieved, provide the right support to get back to good health. ​Only when we can thrive, can we create a meaningful impact for ourselves, our colleagues, our clients, and our society.​​

At Deloitte, being healthy does not only mean being physically well – your mental health is equally as important. We believe in treating a mental health day the same way as a regular sick day. That's why we have launched several initiatives to support your mental wellbeing:

  • Free access to Headspace, a mindfulness and wellbeing app
  • Mental Toughness Programme: This programme aims to equip our people with tools and techniques to enable them better to deal with difficult situations leading to stress or anxiety.
  • Dedicated trainings raising awareness around mental health, empowering managers to support their teams
  • Employee Assistance Programme: External, independent care providers, whose consultants offer free counselling on many different topics
  • Inclusion Champions: Dedicated senior leaders across the firm who help build an inclusive culture and provide guidance on respect and inclusion matters

In order to promote physical health we also offer MyClubs credits to employees that give them access to various classes: yoga, boxing, dancing, tennis, EMS, and much more. You are welcome to join your colleagues and participate in one of our existing employee networks (we have a football club, running club, cycle club, etc.) or encourage you to create your own for something that you love!