Learning and development

Learn, grow and pass on your knowledge

We consider learning to be something to enjoy and strive for at any stage of life. This is why we invest in your development to support your personal and professional growth. Whether through exciting client assignments, dedicated programmes for each grade, or learning from your leaders and peers, everybody can get a coach who’s there to help and support your growth at Deloitte. You will not only benefit from our extensive offering within Switzerland but also from our global learning and development network.

Your learning journey

At Deloitte, we are placed in an exciting, dynamic and action-oriented environment where continuous learning is a key accelerator for personal and professional growth. Learning is driven by business requirements, career development goals and personal interests, and it is not limited to classrooms or online courses. Learning happens every day in your work and in conversations with clients and colleagues – it is an integral part of our working environment. If we are mindful of these learning opportunities and take active steps to apply and reflect on our skills, we advance our personal growth and development. An example is our strong feedback culture, which we promote and practice in our daily interactions with colleagues and clients alike.

Whether you’re an assistant or a director we have dedicated and flexible learning paths for you to continue your professional development journey.

Junior leadership development

Everyone has the opportunity to shape Deloitte’s future. For this purpose we have develop a self-paced program for our junior leaders where you will learn what success looks like as a leader at Deloitte and get a chance to develop your leadership skills. The courses are divided into four categories:

  • Energize: Includes “finding your why” sessions, developing a winning growth mindset and communication skills
  • Empower: Includes prioritizing goals, feedback training, emotional intelligence
  • Connect: Includes presentation skills, persuasion and influence, building rapport
  • Grow: Includes entrepreneurship, client relationships, innovation

You also have the opportunity to make a firm-wide impact by joining the Next Generation Board or the Junior Advisory Board and drive our innovation agenda as part of our innovation incubator & accelerator.

Experienced leadership development

Our more experienced employees have the possibility to take part in a development journey designed to strengthen their leadership skills. As part of this journey, you will learn what success looks like as a leader at Deloitte, reflect on where you are in your career and identify priority development areas. The program provides space for self-discovery as well as dedicated support from our leaders and external specialists. 

Deloitte University

Launched in 2011, Deloitte University is one of the most visible and important investments we make in our people. It is the place where you can network with colleagues from around the world while taking part in immersive, active programs held by our leaders. The collaborative environment brings our best thought leaders together, fosters conversation and builds cutting-edge capabilities. A new campus is opening soon in Paris. Learn more

Female mentorship programme

This programme is available to all new female employees regardless of your level. With this programme you can benefit from a mentor who helps you navigate your career, provides guidance and shares their own experiences. The goals are to:

  • Empower our female new joiners and give them a good start
  • Create a sense of belonging
  • Foster professional and personal development
  • Achieve a more gender-balanced firm

Internal learning resources

Our employees also have access to a selection of resources to expand their knowledge at their own pace. These include:

  • Harvard ManageMentor: where you can study e-learning courses covering a variety of relevant business topics.
  • BookBoon: an eLibrary of 2000+ bite-sized eBooks and podcasts created by industry experts, covering all aspects of personal development
  • CURA: a platform that contains both internal and external resources on a variety of topics, including environmental, social and governance issues. CURA’s AI capabilities provide updated content recommendations based on your interests and who you follow.
  • LinkedIn Learning: an online resource with video courses taught by industry experts in software, creative, and business skills.

Depending on which team you join, you will have access to resources focusing on technical and leadership skills as well as global industry learning. These may include:

  • Deloitte on Demand, our micro learning library
  • getAbstract, an online library of more than 8000 book summaries
  • Deloitte Global Insights podcast, a series focusing on issues that impact the business community worldwide
  • Knowledge Exchange, a source of insights from more than 300,000 colleagues across the globe
  • And many more

External education opportunities

We are committed to support continuous development of our employees to reach their full potential as individuals and professionals – and this extends to obtaining a relevant qualification appropriate to their role within the firm. We offer support for external qualifications including financial support and study leave.

We also subsidise language learning at a selection of language schools. 

International talent and project assignments

International assignments are a great way to gain valuable international experience, develop insights into doing business in different cultures and expand your network while developing professionally and personally. These assignments take place at another Deloitte member firm and/or client project abroad and are available to all employees who have consistently demonstrated high quality work.