Work and personal time: balanced

Helping you to balance your career and personal life

It is not always easy to strike the right balance between work and personal life. However, we aim to give you as much flexibility as possible so you can be your best self – at work and home. That's why we offer a number of flexible working arrangements, including remote working (already pre-COVID-19) and flexible working hours whenever possible.

We appreciate that your needs change as you move through different phases of your life, so we offer all our people the opportunity to work part time (80%) whether that’s because of a family event, to continue education or simply because you want to pursue a passion outside of work. We are proud of our people’s many activities – from acting to writing children’s books, empowering refugees or teaching yoga lessons.

Do you want to explore the world, continue education, or spend more time with your family? We’ve been there too and truly value that. Traveling, studies and personal time off can broaden your horizons and give you the chance to recharge your batteries. At Deloitte, we offer you the opportunity to take unpaid leave for up to six months or take additional vacation days.

Working parents – you’re in the right place with us

A child can turn your life upside down in so many ways. To support you as a working parent in transitioning into your new role more easily, we have developed a dedicated working parents programme at Deloitte. It begins by educating our managers about the challenges that working parents may face, particularly in the transition phase and returning to work. Another significant aspect of our programme is the support and coaching for our working parents:

  • Individual coaching with certified coaches to address individual needs.
  • Four-hour group coaching sessions are held twice a year. In these highly interactive sessions we empower new parents to take on their new and exciting roles with confidence.
  • We offer 26 weeks of maternity leave and four weeks of paternity leave
  • An online learning platform offering a combination of practical guidance coupled with a coaching-led approach, allowing our people to map out their transition and explore the areas that matter to them most.

Learn more about the opportunities to work part-time here.

"I am measured on the impact of my work rather than on time."

Sinja Christiani, Agile Coach, People & Purpose

Wellbeing beyond your physical health

Your health is essential to us. To support your wellbeing, we offer a wide range of benefits, such as sports club memberships or preventive healthcare measures.

At Deloitte, being healthy does not only mean being physically well – your mental health is equally as important. We believe in treating a mental health day the same way as a regular sick day. That's why we have also launched several initiatives to support your mental wellbeing:

  • Mental Health Ambassadors: Trained staff across the firm who listen to mental health-related challenges and can point you towards appropriate help if needed
  • Inclusion Champions: Dedicated senior leaders across the firm who help build an inclusive culture and provide guidance on respect and inclusion matters
  • Employee Assistance Programme: External, independent care providers, whose consultants offer free counselling on many different topics
  • Mental Toughness Programme: This programme aims to equip our people with tools and techniques to enable them better to deal with difficult situations leading to stress or anxiety.

Taking care of yourself

To support our people in being their best selves, we have developed a comprehensive wellbeing programme that focuses on how our people can better manage their mental and physical energy.

Based around four pillars (fuel, move, love and rest), we use both live sessions and webinars to show how to integrate new and healthy routines into our daily lives.

In addition, we offer a wide range of activities as well as discounts and special benefits related to physical and mental wellbeing. Find out more about our benefits.

Find out more directly from our people

Deloitte’s option to work 80% has enabled me to spend more time focusing on my family: Me and my wife both work and want to achieve balance when it comes to looking after our little daughter who keeps us very busy – ensuring she has lots of time with both of us around as she grows up. Aside from that we are also taking time to pursue our passions, such as travelling and discovering new wine regions or skiing. Deloitte does not only give me the opportunity to work part-time but also the ability to all be entrepreneurial in what we do – there is a genuine interest and encouragement to continually think of new and innovative ideas or ways of working.

Bobby Ryopponen

Director, M&A and Restructuring