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Corporate Culture

Those who enjoy their work produce good results

In order to achieve great things, you need to feel comfortable in your working environment. That is why at Deloitte we nurture an open, flexible and multifaceted corporate culture. A corporate culture based on trust, respect, fairness and openness.

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Our strong team spirit is one of the key pillars of our philosophy. At the same time, we provide as much freedom as possible for individual growth and actively support you in your career development. Naturally, we place great value on a good work-life balance that allows you to reconcile your personal and professional interests. Because only then can you reach your full potential with us. 

We continuously provide constructive feedback, talking straight throughout the firm, at all levels. We encourage our people to contribute innovative ideas to drive the direction of our business.

Have fun and celebrate
We have fun at work, and celebrate our achievements and personal milestones. We reward and recognise positive behaviour and successes.

Think globally
Collaborating and acting beyond the boundaries of teams and local markets is key to fostering meaningful relationships and networks. Every relationship we enter is approached with confidence and a winning attitude based on our knowledge, skills and global partnerships.

Recruit and retain the best
Our continuing success requires us to engage, retain and grow talent communities through a constant inflow of expert, innovative and creative people who make a positive and valuable impact in our firm and for our clients.

At Deloitte, we recognise the diversity of our employees and do everything that is needed to make sure every single person is fully integrated. One key initiative is the women's initiative network "WIN" which finds active acceptance in the Swiss firm. 

At Deloitte, our diversity is not only evident in terms of the range of business areas and the broad spectrum of services that we offer our clients around the globe. Diversity is one of Deloitte's central characteristics. 

Global workforce

Our people in Switzerland represent over 50 different nationalities

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