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Working parents stories

Learn more about how our employees manage a highly demanding job and maintain a healthy family life

To be honest, I never thought it was possible to work part time in a client-facing role.

I work four days a week so I can spend one day at home with my son, and I have never had the impression that working part-time poses a problem. In fact, my team leader supports me and does everything she can to put me on projects that do not require travel or long commutes. As I have full flexibility as to when and where I work, I can go home early to be with my family and continue to work from home if necessary. Of course, unexpected situations do come up every now and again. Just recently, an important meeting was called on very short notice for the project on which I’m currently working. Although it was on my day off, I was still able to arrange an additional day at the crèche and Deloitte was happy to cover the costs.

Looking at other consulting firms, I think Deloitte is quite progressive when it comes to supporting working parents. To be honest, I never thought it was possible to work part time in a client-facing role. I am currently up for promotion and in no way do I feel that working part time will bar me from career advancement. Deloitte is also great at offering support through various programmes. I am currently participating in the Working Mothers Coaching Programme, and it has been really helpful to get input from an experienced coach on how to manage my career and family life.

My advice to working parents looking to join Deloitte is to be clear about your expectations. It makes life so much easier. I’ve learned over the years that efficiency is key and that focusing on things where you can make an impact can make a positive difference on your career path.

- Susann Blumenschein, Consulting

I wanted to spend more than just the standard few parental leave days with our newly born son

It was clear to me the moment I learned my partner was pregnant that I wanted to spend more than just the standard few parental leave days with our newly born son. I decided to take a 3 months unpaid paternity leave, planned for the time when our baby boy became 5 months old. Deloitte fully supported me in my plans. Having announced my idea more than six months before the leave, it was easily organised – and absolutely worth it!

Taking these 3 months unpaid paternity leave was one of the best decisions of my life. We had an absolutely fantastic time as a family, and during both the time before and after my leave, Deloitte was fully supportive.

Our Consulting work provides a certain flexibility as to when and how our work is delivered. In my view, Deloitte encourages its employees to use this flexibility in a responsible way and as such also supports us in balancing our responsibilities as parents and employees.

Personally, I believe it is important to test expectations with your potential future colleagues and Partner(s). Nothing is more frustrating than unrealistic expectations, so it’s best to be upfront and open about your requirements as a working mother or father – and the firm's.

- Rolf Brügger, Consulting

For me it was important to set clear private and professional priorities and to communicate them openly.

For me flexibility and trust from both employee and employer is key. I have been a working mum for the last 7 years on a part time employment of 70%. I am in the office for 3 days and can work one morning in my home office which allows me to spend the afternoons with my daughter without losing time to commute.

I was already a mother when I joined Deloitte. I never felt my parenthood had a negative impact on my career advancement. I think being a parent makes me work more efficiently in the office. Also I feel that due to my part time employment I am more balanced and can better cope with stressful situations. Deloitte is starting to focus not only on the mothers but on both parents which I think is an essential aspect of gender equality.

For me it was important to set clear private and professional priorities and to communicate them openly. This helps to set the right expectations.

- Julia Stutzer, Tax

What I appreciate the most is Deloitte’s support groups

I am extremely pleased with how flexible Deloitte has been since I became a mother. After my maternity leave, returning to work was a smooth transition. I was able to return when I was ready and work part-time. Starting with three days a week, I have the comfort of finding the balance between my job and parenthood at my own pace. Once my work and home life are more in sync, I will be able to increase my work schedule to four days a week. What I appreciate the most is Deloitte’s support groups. I really like the Mothers Back-to-work Programme! I have learned so much from the other moms and I’m truly grateful for the network I’ve established through the programme.

It’s difficult for me to compare Deloitte’s approach to working parents to that of other companies. However, since joining Deloitte nine years ago, I have seen an incredible shift. When I started with Deloitte, I thought that there was no way to build a career at Deloitte and have a family at the same time, and that I would definitely have to quit as soon as I had my first baby. I no longer think this way: even as part-time working mother, I am being pitched for a client project. And despite the sometimes intense workload, I still get home early enough to see my son.

My advice to new working parents pursuing a career a Deloitte – don’t feel guilty. Having a family, interests outside of Deloitte and a job is completely normal and part of life. You’ll only be satisfied, if you aim for happiness in all aspects of life. And one last thing – ask for help! Your family, friends and work colleagues are willing to support you, if you dare to ask them.

Thanks Deloitte for making so much progress over the years and for supporting me as a working mother.

- Agnes Ellis, Consulting

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