Diversity Management in practice

An Interview with our Diversity and Inclusion Lead, Christina

Diversity Management aims to value and incorporate diversity. How can this challenging task be completed successfully?

Christina Landgraf
Diversity & Inclusion Lead, Deloitte Switzerland
Tagesanzeiger, March 2016

Are all employees to be treated equally?

Employees are all diverse in terms of their unique characteristics, their individual interests and inclinations and should be treated fairly with due regard to their abilities, talents and opportunities.

What structures or models are needed to give Diversity Management a better chance of succeeding?

In our experience, it's not the structures or models that have the most impact, but an explicit commitment, backed up by action, on the part of leadership.

Where diversity is concerned, what social barriers need to be overcome?

Without a doubt, the biggest challenge is the perception and general acknowledgement of diversity. Most people think they're not affected by it, and so they dismiss it as an issue that has to do only with women or foreigners, for example. But don't we all sometimes feel like outsiders?

Does Diversity Management offer us the prospect of a more diverse future?

Our present is diverse already, but we willfully fail to perceive diversity. We all, as a consequence of our socialisation, have biases that we're not aware of. That means we create our own environments by surrounding ourselves with "people just like us". Reflective awareness helps us take diversity into account when taking important decisions, such as recruitment decisions.

christina landgraf
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