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Our diversity makes us unique

At Deloitte, our diversity is not only evident in terms of the range of business areas and the broad spectrum of services that we offer our clients around the globe. Diversity is one of Deloitte's central characteristics.

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By its very nature, a company like ours, which is present in over 150 countries on every continent, brings together a wide range of cultures, nationalities and backgrounds under one roof. At Deloitte, we recognise the diversity of our employees and do everything that is needed to make sure every single person is fully integrated. We consciously foster social and cultural diversity as well as equal opportunities, which ultimately we, as a business, also benefit from.

One example of this is the women's initiative "WIN". Thanks to regular internal meetings, our female employees from every business area can deepen dialogue in a targeted manner and continually expand their network. 

Diversity Management in practice

Diversity Management aims to value and incorporate diversity. How can this challenging task be completed successfully? Read more in the interview with our Diversity & Inclusion Lead, Christina Landgraf published in Tagesanzeiger, March 2016.

Christina Landgraf
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