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Interview with Katharina, Consultant in Consulting

“The human aspect and the passion of the employees impressed me.”

Katharina, Consultant in Consulting, with Deloitte since January 2015

Why did you choose to join Deloitte after finishing your studies?

While I was at university I kept coming into contact with Deloitte employees, at events, career fairs and workshops. I liked their human approach and also the passion that seemed to drive them. Also, some former fellow students told me about their experiences of starting their careers at Deloitte. I could well imagine that my personality would fit in at Deloitte – not least because the company is very performance-focused, yet at the same time work/life balance and personal lives are not overlooked.

How would you describe the atmosphere at Deloitte? 

There is an informal feel: everyone refers to each other in the familiar, from the intern to the CEO. Many colleagues also meet up outside of work and so get to know each other better. Within the project team, we met up every two or three weeks. This helps the team to stay together and is a great boost to motivation. Sometimes we work on projects in a really small space which means communication has to be clear and transparent, and by supporting each other with specialist knowledge, we all contribute to the positive atmosphere.

How are you supported by your managers?

My direct line manager organises informal events at which he can interact with the team, promote dialogue and establish our needs. Just recently we were in Chamonix for two days, mainly for training but also to strengthen our network and team spirit. I am constantly involved in new projects that develop my skills on both a professional and personal level. Even though I sometimes face huge challenges, I feel that my manager trusts me. I get useful tips on how I can learn more and apply my strengths in a more targeted way.

Can you imagine having management responsibility yourself in the future? 

As I have only been working for Deloitte since the beginning of 2015, I would first like to earn my spurs through good performance. In spite of that, I have already been able to gather some management experience during a six-month project by organising an internal training for 25 new joiners. That task stretched me, and I enjoyed it so much that I would definitely like to work in a management role at a later date. I can see from the cases of numerous colleagues that Deloitte offers me this potential.

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