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Apolline, Summer Intern, Deloitte Consulting

Apolline was in the middle of her Master course “Management, Technology and Entrepreneurship” at EPFL when she joined the Deloitte Consulting Summer Internship Programme in 2014. She operated in our IT Strategy & Governance department and was part of a project in our Human Capital team.

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With my background in Communication Systems and my current focus on Technology Strategy, I was looking for an innovative company using strongly technology. I applied at Deloitte Consulting due to their IT Strategy department. Moreover, I felt that Deloitte could provide me an insight towards different industries and thus different challenges that organisations are now facing with technology. This internship was the perfect opportunity to apply my knowledge acquired through my studies.

I never felt as an intern but more as a new joiner from day one. I was involved in meetings, was able to discuss with people, ask questions and explain my point of view. I was given a lot more of responsibility than expected: handling some parts of the client deliverable in integrality and being part of a workshop with the CIO of our client. I also was able to work within the Human Capital team where I had daily interactions with the client. It was an incredible and unique opportunity to learn more about a different service and this is also what made my internship so interesting, with a great part of learning and exchange with my co-workers.

As a horse-rider, I appreciated the work-life balance offered at Deloitte, as I was able to take care of my horse properly, and practice! Participating in the Zurich company triathlon allowed me to meet people across functions with different level of responsibilities.

Last but not least, what I enjoyed the most is working with open-minded, interesting and passionate people. I never thought I would meet such a community and walk from my internship with such relationships. My team and Deloitte in general welcomed me in a manner that really touched me.

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