Meet Bettina

Consultant, Deloitte Consulting

Bettina attended Deloitte's Jump Start Event 2017 in Barcelona which led her to work as a Consultant at Deloitte. Read how she got to work in her current role thanks to the weekend in Barcelona.

What made you want to apply for the Deloitte Jump Start? How did find out about the event?
I came across an advertisement for the event through my university network on Facebook. At the time I was giving a lot of thought to what I wanted to do after I graduate. Consulting was an interesting option and I wanted to learn more about it.

What did you expect from the event, and why?
I expected the weekend in Barcelona to be intense, but a lot of fun too. I was excited at the prospect of going to Barcelona with 25 other students. My main aim was to find out if consulting was field I wanted to go into, and if Deloitte might be the right employer.

What were your main impressions and key findings from the event? 
I had a great time with the other participants, and also with the people I met from Deloitte. It confirmed the impression I had about Deloitte beforehand – I like the passion, drive and variety of the people working in consulting. So I decided to apply for an entry position in Technology Consulting.

Would you recommend the event to anyone else?
Yes, very much so. It’s a great event for finding out what it means to work as a consultant. You have the chance to get to know Deloitte as a company and the many different opportunities it can offer.

How did you get to work for Deloitte, and what makes it unique for you?
After the Jump Start event I was offered a fast-track application process. I was able to skip the assessment day and was invited to a personal interview with two Managers and then with the Partner. Two things in particular make Deloitte unique to me. The first is the international work environment. I really enjoy working with colleagues from such diverse backgrounds. Second, the culture at Deloitte encourages entrepreneurial thinking. You are encouraged to take initiatives and get involved. People are always happy to share their knowledge and help you with your ideas.

What prompted you to work in Consulting – and what can someone expect from working at Deloitte?
I personally like working on projects. It gives me continual learning experience and is great for my personal development. In Consulting at Deloitte you get to work with the biggest companies in Switzerland and the rest of the world, and to work on complex tasks. But what I like most is the interaction with so many different personalities among clients and team members. It never gets boring!

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