Life at Deloitte

Meet Cathrin and Daniel

Summer Interns, Deloitte Consulting

Life of a consultant

During the last three months, we’ve gotten to know the consulting industry at its best, being able to solve our clients’ problems at the cutting edge of expertise and innovation. Experiencing the daily life of a consultant and being part of it, helped us to further plan our own career and to develop valuable long-term relationships with our team members, clients and fellow interns.

Pleasant surprises & experiencing the international dimension

Although Deloitte is the largest professional services network in the world, we were impressed by the down-to-earth culture within the company. We expected a consulting firm to be more hierarchical, which Deloitte doesn’t really feel like. Regardless of the level, we feel as though we can approach anyone without hesitation.

Also, the fact that so many employees have different backgrounds makes the working environment more inclusive and open-minded towards new people and ideas. This is quite remarkable and goes to show Deloitte’s ongoing efforts in the area of diversity & inclusion.

Being successful and making an impact

For a project to be a success, we think it needs to have an impact or a result.

(Cathrin) During my summer internship, I had the opportunity to work on a project in the life sciences industry, where I got to know our client very well. One day, a team member forwarded an e-mail to me, which consisted of a thank-you letter that a grateful patient had sent to my client following a trial, and describing how much her life had changed for the better thanks to my client’s work. The e-mail consisted of a short thank-you to everyone on the project for the hard work, which made me feel that even my tasks as a summer intern had had a meaningful impact on someone’s life.

Balancing work and passion

(Cathrin) Consulting can be very demanding, but on the other hand, it offers you incredible experiences and career prospects. My desire to discover new places was moved to the weekends, while experiencing new cultures and backgrounds every day at work.

(Daniel) I love cooking and dancing. It is about priority-setting and time management. We work long hours and thus it’s important to clearly set your goals for your personal life and assess how you want to use your time. In my case, I like to have almost my entire day planned out because it allows me to pursue my hobbies, but also spend more time with friends and family.

What’s next?

(Cathrin) During my time here, I decided to stay with Deloitte and continue my studies while working part-time. My team was very open to finding a solution that fitted in with my timetable to complete my degree in Business Administration in St. Gallen and my wish to stay and continue to work at my client’s firm. 

(Daniel) I am going on a university exchange to the US and afterwards will pursue my master’s. I am considering working part-time at Deloitte while doing my master’s degree.

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