Meet Ghislaine

Senior, Audit non-Financial Services Industry & DJane

Ghislaine is pursuing her career with a passion – as a professional DJ and an auditor. Thanks to her part-time position with Deloitte, she travels the world playing the best-known clubs, and even appeared at the world-renowned "Tomorrowland" festival in Belgium.

Deloitte offers me flexibility and a part-time presence agreement that enables me to be a professional DJ.

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Ghislaine, you are both an auditor and a professional DJ – is this a common combination in the consultancy profession?
Not at all. I'm quite an unusual case with my side-job as a DJ, especially as a woman. Deloitte is very supportive though in pursuing my passion for music. I've had a lot of encouragement from colleagues as well. I'm extremely grateful that I can follow my ambitions in consultancy as well as in the music industry.

How do both these career paths complement each other?
As a DJ I'm my own boss. I have to be pro-active and well organised. These experiences held me in good stead when I applied to work at Deloitte and prove useful in my work as an auditor. In both my consultancy work and my music, I come into contact with a wide range of people. My social skills from the world of DJing help me in everyday contact with customers and colleagues.

How do you manage to combine both jobs?
I work at Deloitte part-time. This way I can still do my DJing alongside working on client projects. I do my best to pursue both careers as well as I can. That does mean my life is pretty hectic though, and I don't have much free time. I still try to find time to see my friends and work out.

What's been the highlight of your career as a DJ?
Last year I had the chance to play at the world-famous "Tomorrowland" festival in Belgium, which really was a dream come true. I worked long and hard for it, and finally I was chosen at a competition in Barcelona. I'm still speechless about it and will never forget this unique experience! Even when I was a child I would record songs off the radio and make my own mix tapes. I could never have dreamed that one day I would be on the same stage as some of the most famous DJs in the world.

Meet Ghislaine - DJane

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