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Meet Krisztina

Summer Intern, Deloitte Consulting

I developed the feeling quite early on that these are the people I want to work with.

The capacity to learn is key

After studying Electrical Engineering for five years I was interested in taking a summer to see something new. I applied to the Jump-Start Event of Deloitte, and to my pleasure I was invited to spend a weekend with top university students in Barcelona. The event was fantastic, and I was impressed by the competence of the Deloitte representatives and participating students alike. I quickly understood that the capacity to learn is a key feature of the Deloitte gene; people help people grow here.

A perfect choice

I was focusing more on the IT field in my Masters at ETH, so doing an internship in the Enterprise Applications team seemed like a perfect choice. From day one on we were presented with challenging assignments where we had to work together and sort through immense amounts of information to achieve success. I was impressed to see how dedicated the company is to polishing and fine-tuning, how it searches for solutions and then presents them, and could see how this provides tremendous value for the clients.

Gaining insights & meet extraordinary people

I appreciate that I had the opportunity to work with multiple teams focusing on diverse industries, and also had the experience of cross-service-line cooperation. I also appreciate how in such a short time I was made to feel like I was part of the team, that my work had an impact, and felt encouraged to share my opinion. I developed a very good relationship with my fellow interns across all teams, and am happy to meet so many interesting and brilliant colleagues.

The stimulating environment, the guiding counsellor, the helpful buddy allocated to you, the numerous networking events, and the continuous feedback all help you discover the strengths and qualities you can offer. I developed the feeling quite early on that these are the people I want to work with.

How to manage studies and career

In the beginning I was a bit concerned whether I will manage my exams at ETH, but thanks to the flexibility of the company and my improved time management skills, it all turned out well, and the weather was restricting my summer more than my workload. The realized payoffs of the well-organized summer internship at Deloitte are indisputable in my case, and hence I encourage all students interested in consulting to apply.

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