Meet Mattia


Meet Mattia

Senior Consultant, Risk Advisory

Mattia attended Deloitte's Jump Start Event 2017 in Barcelona which led him to work as a Consultant in our Risk Advisory. Read how he got to work in his current role thanks to the weekend in Barcelona.

Mattia - Jump Start Event 2017 in Barcelona

What made you want to apply for the Deloitte Jump Start? How did you find out about the event?
I studied Mathematics at ETH, and I have always been on the lookout for new experiences and ways to apply the knowledge I have gained. I have always had a keen interest in business, and the Deloitte Jump Start event seemed like a great opportunity to find out about consultancy at Deloitte. I found out about the event from a brochure I picked up on the Polyterasse at ETH.

What did you expect from the event, and why?
I expected to find out much more about what it means exactly to work for a consulting/advisory firm and about the different teams that operate within Deloitte. I was looking forward to meeting other motivated students from different backgrounds, as well as people from Deloitte employees. And to having some fun!

What were your main impressions and key findings from the event?
After the event I was even more convinced that I wanted to work in consulting. The workshop gave me a wonderful opportunity to experience a typical Deloitte ‘workday from the inside’. It was great to meet Deloitte employees from different teams and services lines. Before the event I wasn’t even aware that some of these teams existed. And thanks to the event I can see the unique culture at Deloitte and what makes Deloitte different from other consultancy firms.

Would you recommend the event to anyone else?
I would recommend the Deloitte Jump Start event to any graduate student interested in work that involves innovative thinking, cooperative solutions and analytical methods. It provides a unique opportunity to experience a typical consulting workday, to get to know people from different teams at Deloitte and to work and have fun with other students like me.

How did you get to work for Deloitte?
Thanks to the Jump Start event, I discovered that Deloitte has a Quantitative Risk & Regulation team within Risk Advisory. I was really attracted to it, so I entered the application process to become a Consultant in the team.

What prompted you to work in Risk Advisory – and what can someone expect from working in RA at Deloitte?
The Quantitative Risk & Regulation team in RA is an exciting team. After just 9 months in the team I have already worked on five projects for four different clients. Each project has given me the opportunity to gain a lot of work experience and to improve my skills. This position gives me exactly what I was looking for as a graduate: the opportunity to work on different projects and to get to know different clients, to help solve complex and demanding problems, and to use the technical and quantitative skills I learned at university. What’s more, at Deloitte I am able to pursue my passion for cycling: I organise events for D.Cycle, which is part of the well-being programme at Deloitte.

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