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Manager, Deloitte Consulting

Natalie Zeidler made it from Analyst to Senior Consultant at Deloitte in just four years. She's now in Australia discovering completely new aspects of herself.

You’re currently living and working in Melbourne. Did you always want to see life from the other side of the world?

I knew right from the start that I wanted to work abroad. I’ve always liked travelling and wanted to spend time working away from Switzerland. I got even more keen on the idea while studying in St. Gallen and spending a semester on exchange in Finland. I met lots of people who had very good international connections and had interesting stories to tell. The prospect of being able to work in other countries was one of the reasons why I opted for Deloitte in 2013.

You're involved in “Nextland”, Deloitte's new talent drive campaign. What's your experience of this way of thinking?

As soon as I started at Deloitte, I liked its special atmosphere: the people I work with are really highly committed and like finding new solutions together through networking with others. That's what I see the campaign as being about. It says to people, “let’s make an impact together”, and that reflects my experience of Deloitte very well!

What new perspectives have you found opening up for you since you moved?

In Consulting, you soon learn how to find your feet in new environments. Even so, coming here gave me a chance to discover even more new things about myself. Since joining Deloitte Melbourne, for example, I’ve done meditation training, taken part in a discussion of work/life balance, and been on a podium discussing paternity leave. I’ve found the Australian way of looking at well-being inspiring – here on the fifth continent, people take the balance between work and life very seriously! At the same time, the feedback I get from my Australian clients makes it clear to me that my organised and structured approach is appreciated here as much as in a German-speaking country. And I’ve found out that I’m more typically Swiss than I thought I was (laughs).

And how do you manage to stay connected with your colleagues in your team in Switzerland and with family and friends?

I’m still in very close contact with them – it couldn’t be otherwise with friends and family, and I regularly chat with my “old” team in Switzerland. I’ve also had my first visitors, and my friends here are rather envious! And my Australian colleagues often ask me who to contact in Switzerland or Europe, and vice versa.

How do you see your future – are you going to stay curious?

I’m still in the discovery phase, and I hope I’m going to carry on discovering – even if I end up one day putting down deeper roots somewhere!

Article first published in Life Careerism

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