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Pierre, Summer Intern, Deloitte Consulting

Pierre was in the middle of his Master course (Management, Technology and Economics) at ETH Zurich when he joined the Deloitte Consulting Summer Internship Programme in 2013. He operated as an integral part of the team in our Private Sector Strategy department.

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As an engineering and business student, I always felt that concepts studied in class were theoretical and I was eager to apply them. I chose to apply at Deloitte Consulting for a summer internship due to their reputation of designing strategies that are transferable to hands-on implementation. It was with the strong intention to apply those concepts and to gain consulting experience.

I was assigned more responsibility than I was expecting, for example providing analyses that were directly filling our client deliverables. Since day one, I was considered as an integral part of the team. I participated in meetings including one with the CEO of our client. I gained exposure to projects ranging from the pharmaceutical to manufacturing industry and from marketing strategies to commercial due diligence topics.

But what matters most is the people you work with and I cannot emphasise enough how much I enjoyed working with so warm-welcoming, open-minded and dedicated people.

As a regular runner and racket player, I really appreciated the work-life balance that allowed me to continue practicing on a regular basis. Participating in the Zurich company triathlon as a Deloitte team member or in Deloitte football trainings were also great opportunities to meet people across functions and levels in an informal setting and to create relationships that go beyond the work environment. 

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