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Dominik joined Deloitte in Zurich as an Audit Assistant back in autumn 2009 and is a Swiss Certified Accountant since September 2013. He received the opportunity to go to London and is now working as an Audit Senior Manager at Deloitte in Zurich.

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Why did you decide to start your career with Deloitte after receiving your University degree?

My original plan was to do an internship year at a bank after receiving my Bachelor’s degree from the University of St. Gall (HSG) and start with my Master’s the year after. While l was looking for possible internship positions I incidentally came across the advert of Deloitte and quickly decided to give the Audit profession a chance as well. It was therefore a gut decision which I have never regretted since then.

What were your thoughts when going on an assignment abroad? Why have you decided to go to London?

In my opinion international experience is a key to a successful career and it massively widens the personal horizon. About 10 months before the intended start date I had to decide whether I want to go to New York or London. Assignments in New York need to be at least 18 months long whereas assignments in London can be for a shorter period of time. Due to several reasons, two being that the chance to set up an assignment in London is higher and administrative hurdles are lower, I decided to go for a 7 month assignment in London. In the end it was proven that this was the right decision.

What obstacles did you have to overcome and how were you supported by Deloitte?

The process started in January 2013 by telling the responsible Partner in Zurich that I would like to go to London for 7 months. A short time after, I had an interview with the responsible Partner in London to get his approval as well. As soon as the Partner agreed all formalities I was supported in all matters by Deloitte CH and UK. Additionally I received a generous lump sum amount for my flat in London and was able to keep my Swiss salary.

Did the tasks in London differ from the tasks in Switzerland?

While I was auditing several clients of different size in Switzerland, I was mainly auditing one big investment bank in London. This basically explains the major differences in terms of tasks. I was able to take on responsibility of the field work of a full audit in Switzerland from early on and thus gaining broad insight into the audit profession and the clients. In England, on the other hand, I was responsible for smaller areas of one major audit which allowed me to gain a very detailed and specific insight and understanding.

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