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Deloitte sees the advancement of women as a strategic priority, in attracting and retaining the best talent, and delivering top service to its clients.

Our talent experience

Our clients choose Deloitte for innovative and pragmatic solutions for their most complex issues. We absolutely believe that diverse teams are simply better in delivering a top client experience. To make this happen, skilled people and inspiring leaders really matter.

The Swiss firm is especially committed to women's advancement; in FY16, women represent 27% of our Executive and 35% of our people. 

We support female leaders through various internal and external initiatives, including:

  • tailored learning and development programmes
  • internal coaching and networking events
  • speaking engagements and sponsorships of various external initiatives
  • our working parents policy
  • and many more 

Our commitment

The benefits of gender mixed leadership teams are well known: higher productivity, more innovation power, longer-term business impact and sustainability in our workplaces. In March 2017, for the first time in Switzerland, up to 40 CEOs and leaders united under the Advance Women in Business umbrella to publicly commit to concrete gender equality goals. Deloitte is proud to have set a high and tangible goal to promote female leadership:

Deloitte’s goal is to achieve full and systemic inclusion and a leadership culture founded on fairness and respect, where we feel that everyone is valued. Gender equality is at the core of our efforts. Therefore we commit to a 30% female leadership (Senior Managers to Partners) by 2020. Our focus for next year is to consciously de-bias all recruiting and talent processes. I believe it is the duty of every leader be it man or woman to personally drive forward gender equality.

Simon Owen, Chief Executive
Deloitte Switzerland

Deloitte, a member of Advance Women in Swiss Business

Deloitte is a member of Advance, an association and a network that takes specific measures to increase the share of women in leading positions in Switzerland.

Sustained success depends on having a balanced gender mix at all levels of an organisation. Advance promotes the personal and professional development of highly qualified women who seek greater influence, visibility and impact, helping them unleash their full potential, and thus become the architects of their own careers.


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Kerstin was in the middle of her Master degree “Business Innovation (MBI)” at University of St. Gallen when she got to know people from Deloitte. Since 2015, she operates as a Business Analyst in our CIO Services (Chief Information Officers) team in Consulting.

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