Crisis Prevention & Response


Providing our client with 360° crisis prevention

Our crisis services are founded on trust. We build relationships that lead to organisations all over the world to place their trust in us to prevent the avoidable and prepare for the truly unavoidable.

We supported our client, a Swiss-based multinational corporation, in establishing best-in-class risk management procedures to prevent adverse events to the fullest extent possible. The project included the redesign of the enterprise risk management process, including assessing and defining the company's risk appetite, a risk assessment across all divisions and the re-design and implementation of a mitigating control framework.

We leveraged our comprehensive and industry-specific risk intelligence toolkit for an efficient and successful delivery.


Longterm efficiency in crisis response

When things go wrong organisations may feel exposed to the fiercest scrutiny. But our unrivalled network, including specialists from risk sensing, agile governance and critical communications, can help turn the tide during a crisis.

We assisted a Swiss-headquartered multinational client respond to regulatory actions taken by a number of regulatory authorities in the wake of allegations of corrupt business practices. The allegations related to the securing of new business in several geographies, including the Middle East and Central Asia, and the matters covered a period of over ten years.

We conducted a comprehensive and broad investigation including email and other document reviews, interviews and analysis of ERP systems in various international locations.

Many of our clients have emerged from great challenges even stronger than before. Make our strength your strength.

The challenge

Across all industries our clients are facing a period of greater uncertainty and growing threats from financial crime, disruptive technologies, and other strategic risks.

It is also clear that crises and reputational issues strike more quickly than ever before. This is amplified by social media and the 'public information space'. At a time when corporate reputations are under greater scrutiny than ever, managing financial crime threats and strategic risks, but also being ready and able to deal with crises and issues effectively when they happen is a high priority for many boards and senior executives.

Effective preparation needs to address the entire crisis management lifecycle - prevention, response, and recovery. Each phase of this lifecycle can present an opportunity to protect the organisation from risks, costs, and damage emanating from a crisis – and to strengthen the organisation's defences in future.

For most, a major crisis is a once-in-a-career event. As a consequence, it’s easy to fall back on routine procedures, only worsening the outcome, or to improvise the wrong solutions out of fear and panic instead of following effective practices.

Our experts can help you to get crisis-ready.

Financial Crime is evolving – so must those who seek to combat it

Our approach


We use predictive technologies and artificial intelligence not only to help our clients identify and assess their vulnerabilities, but also to train employees on compliance and measure the culture in the organisation.


We help clients act quickly and confidently in the face of financial crime, regulatory concerns and actions, or guide them in sensitive internal investigations into fraud, corruption and other misconduct.


We support our clients in setting up target operating models across the entire crisis lifecycle to make the organisation more resilient.


Thorough analysis and understanding of your organisation’s crisis management capabilities

Ability to be ready for the worst case with a guided “if/then” exploration of a specific risk or imminent threats

A solid crisis management programme preparing you to respond efficiently to unexpected events, including regulatory requests

Foresight into escalating events through understanding of critical signals, identifying potential crises before they happen

Assistance from our experts where you need it and when it matters most

The Crisis Lifecycle

Be ready. Know how to respond. Recover fast.

Why Deloitte?

  • Regulator compliant Data Centre

    We offer market leading scalable technology solutions that can be deployed in our FINMA compliant (circular 2008/7) data centre, from behind client firewalls or in a secure cloud, which is monitored and run by us.

  • Global leader

    Deloitte is the undisputed lead Analytics and Technology provider based on ability to execute and completeness of vision, and is seen as a global leader in the Risk Management Consulting and Forensic Investigations Advisory space based on depth, breadth and integration of capabilities (Source: Kennedy Consulting Research & Advisory 2016).

  • An expert team in Switzerland

    Our large and diverse group of over 300 crisis experts in Zurich, Geneva, and Lugano use the power of our global network to serve our clients across the crisis lifecycle.

Case studies

Providing our client with 360° crisis prevention

Implementing best-in-class risk management procedures for crisis readiness

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Longterm efficiency in crisis response

Supporting a multinational client to investigate efficiently and handle regulatory actions

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The team

Nic Carrington

Nic Carrington

Lead Crisis Prevention & Response Solution, Managing Partner Financial Advisory

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Steffen Pietz

Steffen Pietz

Crisis Prevention, Director, Risk Advisory

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Beat Burtscher

Beat Burtscher

Crisis Prevention, Director, Risk Advisory

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Bob Dillen

Bob Dillen

Crisis Response & Forensic Technology, Partner, Financial Advisory

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Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson

Crisis Recovery, Partner, Risk Advisory

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Alex Hadorn

Alex Hadorn

Crisis Recovery, Director, Consulting

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