The corporate exit from Covid-19

Learnings? What changes to keep? What to bring back?

To respond to the pandemic and associated impact companies had to adapt. Some of the changes have accelerated much needed progress, some may only be an inefficient fallback solution. In any case most of these changes have been implemented in a tactical way over time, as the pandemic evolved.

Many thoughts have been organized about the “new normal” but more practical it is now - with the good progress of the vaccination campaigns - a good time for companies to take stock of all the changes hey have made and to assess

  • which changes they want to keep an even further evolve, i.e. changes which they consider beneficial long-term such as increased digitalization of customer interfaces
  • which changes must they keep, i.e. changes which may be costly but are still needed such as higher stock levels to mitigate ongoing risks
  • which changes do they want to revert as quickly as possible, i.e. changes which are damaging such as the cancellation of corporate social events


Take stock of your process changes along the value chain

We recommend taking stock of all the changes to your processes, operations and sometimes even strategies along your value chain. Below we use the generic Porter Value Chain model to provide some examples of changes:

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