Beyond products

Paving the way to XaaS (Everything-as-a-Service)

Everything-as-a-service (XaaS) can offer significant benefits to both the provider and customer such as new profit pools, greater business stability and more personalised services. MedTech firms are looking to take advantage of this by deploying more personalised solutions, with a greater utilisation of data, to respond to the changing patient needs. Meanwhile, manufacturing views XaaS to deliver customer-focused, outcome-based services, optimising equipment effectiveness and fostering a circular economy.

Deloitte Consulting AG - Beyond products: Paving the way to Everything-as-a-Service

Key transformation challenges and considerations

However, transitioning to these models is not without challenges. As more competitors adopt subscription models, it's crucial for organisations to understand these models, evaluate their suitability, and identify the requirements for adoption. The graph below summarises the key considerations when undergoing such transformations.

This text aims to guide organisations considering the transition to subscription-based models, focusing on the reasons for adoption, the differences from traditional models, and the potential transformation challenges . To find out more, download the full text or reach out to us to discuss what this could look like for your organisation.

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