Start-up IT integration assessment tool

How do companies integrate start-ups they have acquired? What are the best practices in this M&A space? How can the most common pitfalls be avoided?

The acquisition of a Start-up can be very different to standard M&A activity. A successful strategy for IT integration often requires a non-traditional, case-specific approach.

Deloitte has developed a brief self-assessment tool – based on real case scenarios and our best practices. This tool will quickly provide you with initial insights into your IT integration journey.

In our research we identified 5 key layers of IT (as presented on the graph below) that are essential for a successful integration of a Start-up. We measured the industry-specific integration depths of each of these layers. This enables the selection of the most viable and industry tailored approach.

Start-up IT integration assessment tool

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The main reasons to assess your Start-Up IT integration approach:

  1. Integration of a Start-Up is often a challenge and may be very specific to a particular scenario and depend on the purpose of the acquisition and related industries. Our tool quickly determines the scenario of your acquisition and gives you immediate initial insights into a feasible approach on the IT integration.
  2. Our tool provides you with a blended feedback based on: (1) real and similar cases, (2) IT M&A market best practices, (3) our experience. It is not a theoretical framework but a blend of knowledge and experience.

Try out the tool, review the results presented and, in case of any questions, get in touch with our experts in the field to discuss your plans and the particular challenges you face.

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