Value Creation Services


Value Creation Services

How Deloitte can support your value creation journey

Supporting you with rapid identification, planning, and implementation of prioritised performance improvement initiatives to allow for a step change in your organisation’s performance.

What we do

Our Value Creation Services team enables organisations unlock their full potential and identify tangible upside opportunities to maximise value through pre and post deal environments. Our unrivalled industry experience and deal expertise allows us to know what to look for in a target business and how key blockers can be addressed.

We help clients rapidly define their value thesis with a quantified impact, which then allows us to focus identifying tangible improvement levers executable for the organisation and its stakeholders. We work closely with corporate and private equity clients on both buy- and sell-side transactions, post-closing solutions such as integrations or separations as well as general performance improvement and turnaround scenarios. We offer unique and complete end to end deal- and non-deal value creation advice and support in Switzerland and across Europe.

Pre-deal Upside

Identify & quantify the value upside potential of a target or showcase an exit

Comparator Benchmarking

Buy-side Synergy Assessment

Sell-side Vendor Showcase

Commercial and Operational Due Diligences

Test & document the commercial and operational complexities in a target

Commercial Due Diligence

Operational Due Diligence

P&L & Cash Diagnostics

Reimagine the business from a Private Equity ownership perspective

Private Equity Lens

Working Capital Diagnostics

Planning, Execution & Realisation

Define implementation targets, drive execution and track progress to realise value upside and synergies

Value Capture and Tracking

Stranded Costs Reduction


Michael Van Der Boom

Michael Van Der Boom


Michael is a partner in the Deal Strategy & Operations team in Switzerland and focusses on M&A transactions, corporate distressed situations and corporate transformations working with Corporate and Pr... More

Bobby Ryopponen

Bobby Ryopponen


Experienced leader of value upside assessments with corporates and PE portfolio companies, in both deal and non-deal environments – from early quantification of upside to operational execution.... More