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Today more than ever, the rapidly changing economic landscape has increased uncertainty and opportunities for many businesses in Switzerland. From a board director’s perspective, how can organisations best address the resulting strategic challenges and be prepared for the future? In our Board Talk we interview directors cross industry to provide answers to these questions.

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CEO foundation Startfeld

Dr. Cornelia Gut-Villa

“The board shapes the company’s culture, so it needs to create conditions in which employees understand what the company stands for. All employees should feel appreciated, so there needs to be scope for ideas to be fed in from the bottom up and to be heard.”

Chairman OM Pharma and Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ)

Etienne Jornod

“Strategy and innovation must be regularly on the agenda, at least at the time of the board’s retreat. But in fact, it is a matter of a constant daily attitude, of corporate culture!”

Partner GWPartner AG, Chairman St. Galler Kantonalbank AG

Prof. Dr. Thomas A. Gutzwiller

“Innovation management is a role for senior management. The board should maintain a broad focus on innovation as part of strategy development, raise fundamental issues and identify ‘black holes’ in the strategy presented to it.”


Reto Savoia

Boardroom Programme Co-Chair +41 58 279 6357 View profile

Michael Grampp

Research Director & Chief Economist +41 58 279 6817 View profile

Daniel Laude

Assistant Manager +41 58 279 6435 View profile

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