The global Deloitte boardroom webcast series

Join our global boardroom series of must-attend webinar-discussions on the critical company challenges of tomorrow.

This series exists to bring together high profile board chairs, executives and world leaders to debate the challenges facing the world’s leading companies.

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Fall webinar schedule

14 September 2021

Climate Series: Exploring Solutions for Decarbonizing Road Freight and Shipping

Transportation systems supporting global trade involve substantial carbon emissions. Although classified as Level 3 for most companies, our panelists will discuss how all boardrooms have a part to play to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement and address how transport and logistics is changing. This webinar will equip boards with the questions to ask and how best to engage with this complex aspect of the climate challenge.


21 September 2021

Tech Series: What Does the Shift to 5G mean for Business?

5G has the potential to change so much. This webinar will examine the possibilities – the opportunities and the risks – that boards and management can expect to address from this leap in mobile technology.


12 October 2021

Remuneration Series: Investor Views and Remuneration Disclosure

Investors and proxy advisory firms are shining a brighter light on executive pay in the aftermath of the pandemic. This webinar will look at how the pandemic is affecting voting guidance, disclosure, and executive pay practices.


Winter webinar preview

4 November 2021

Audit & Risk: Climate and the Challenge for Audit Committees


9 December 2021

Economics & Trade: The Post-Pandemic Economy, Growth, and Inflation


13 January 2022

A year in review: The Biden Administration and the Global Economy