Business Partnering


Business Partnering

  • Re-organisation or M&A
  • Over emphasis on report production and not on value add services
  • Business dissatisfaction with Finance
  • New CFO or CEO
  • Symptoms of dysfunctional Process

Drivers of Change 

  • Limited insight into past and future performance
  • Focus on transactional activities rather than value add
  • Finance not involved in strategic decisions
  • Lack of commercial acumen and skilled resources
  • Reports do not provide timely insights for decision making
  • More time is spent gathering data instead of analysing it
  • Little insights from large data

Common Symptoms 

  • Finance supports and challenges the business, creating value by improving the quality of decisions (e.g. investment appraisal, pricing strategy)
  • Provide financial leadership in determining strategic business direction
  • Understand the business strategy and provide highly relevant insight
  • Ensure that a chosen business strategy delivers the highest financial value at an acceptable level of risk
  • Shift from transactional to value add activities
  • Reduced overall cost due to scrutiny of Finance over business decisions
  • Improved planning and reporting capabilities
  • Increased control environment and better risk management
  • Better insight into data and use of reporting / performance management tools

Benefits and outcomes