Integrated Performance Management


Integrated Performance Management


The Deloitte IPM proposition covers all aspects of performance management, from the link to company strategy to application of advanced analytics.

  • Recent M&A drive re-organisation
  • Incoming CEO/CFO challenges effectiveness of processes
  • Over emphasis on report production and not on value add services
  • Business Partner dissatisfaction cost pressure increases focus on profitability and performance
  • Symptoms of dysfunctional Process

Drivers of Change 

  • Plans degrade throughout the year with a blind spot for the following year
  • Non-insightful variance analysis
  • Lack of insights to pricing / strategy
  • Finance is seen as a “transaction service” rather than a value-add business partner
  • Poor MI / ability to support Business
  • Corporate, departmental and personal goals are not aligned
  • More time is spent gathering data instead of analysing it

Common Symptoms 

  • A clearly defined company strategy that has been translated to operational targets and rolled out to the organisation
  • Clear KPIs linked to the main drivers of company performance
  • Causes and responses of plan vs. actual variances transparent to organisation
  • Greater alignment of performance and accountability
  • Increased transparency, timeliness and relevance of performance driver reporting
  • PBF analysis is integrated across functions and business units
  • Optimised usage of time and resources across organisation
  • Minimal iterations and re-work enabled by scenario modeling
  • Clearly documented processes with appropriate workflow and controls
  • Finance produces actionable insights for management that are seen as value added

Benefits and outcomes