KPI Development


KPI Development

  • Re-organisation or M&A
  • Over emphasis on report production and not on value add services
  • Business Partner dissatisfaction
  • Cost pressure increases focus on profitability and performance
  • Symptoms of dysfunctional Process
  • Inefficient and non standard processes

Drivers of Change 

  • Limited insight into past and future performance
  • Focus on financial results, not performance drivers
  • Resistance to change and cultural differences
  • Inadequate change management and communication
  • Reports do not provide timely insights for decision making
  • Corporate, departmental and personal goals are not aligned
  • More time is spent gathering data instead of analysing it
  • Little insights from large data

Common Symptoms 

  • Organizational alignment on the vision and approach
  • Initial set of high level KPI after the assessment phase
  • Defined business cases for the KPI implementation
  • Pragmatic project plan to support the development and implementation
  • Standards for defining KPIs
  • Comprehensive set of detailed KPIs across the organisation
  • Conceptual design of management report
  • Integrity from KPIs to base drivers
  • Integrated and consistent information across B/S and P&L
  • Prioritised implementation opportunities to improve shareholder value
  • Detailed technology design and specifications
  • Investment cases for individual technology solutions
  • Individual performance linked to the corporate strategy

Benefits and outcomes