Large multinational companies

Debt & Rating Advisory


Deloitte is particularly well positioned to advise and support multinational corporates seeking to ensure a diversified and continued funding access through its acclaimed debt advisory & rating advisory service, its excellent market position, deep capital market insight and strong relationship with rating agencies and lenders.

Our debt & rating advisory services tailored to support the CEO, CFO, Treasurer, Controller and Investor Relations Manager cover:

  • Advice on all aspects of the rating process covering indicative rating evaluations and first-time ratings
  • Evaluation and optimization of the capital structure and the debt capacity to support business growth
  • Advice on rating defence or improvement covering both the operational and strategic side
  • Development of a resonating credit / equity story and documentation for investors and rating agencies
  • Advice on debt investor and lender interactions up to dedicated road-show support
  • Creation of tailored credit models and reports used as a financial forecasting and strategic project decision base
  • Support on the ongoing rating agency interaction and preparation of comprehensive credit rating documentation
  • Advice on achieving a sustainable mix of capital allocation balancing shareholder and bondholder requirements
debt rating advisory