Performance Improvement

Our team combined of Reorganisation specialists and Management Consultants can plan and support the implementation of revenue or margin improvement and identify important cost reduction opportunities throughout an organisation.

Our hypothesis driven value chain approach supports a fast identification of quick win opportunities followed by mid-term recovery opportunities.

Where we can help

Once the scale of the restructuring challenge is understood, we can assist the management during the critical implementation phase resulting in significant and sustainable revenue/margin improvements. These include:

  • Products and Customer Sales > reduce complexity of product range and customer segmentation
  • Sales and Marketing > improve sales force efficiency
  • Supply Chain and Distribution > Lean supply chain management covering the 5 SCOR methodology components (plan, source, make, deliver, return)
  • Purchasing and Inventory > reduce supplier fragmentation
  • Operations (for example, Manufacturing) > increase production efficiency and reduce production cost (lean manufacturing)
  • Assets > identifying non core assets for disposal
  • Finance and Administration > review ratio of support to operational resources or management layers and optimize efficiency and effectiveness of supporting processes within the organisation