Financial Markets Regulatory Outlook 2019

10 years on from the crisis

Our annual assessment from Deloitte’s EMEA Centre for Regulatory Strategy explores how major regulatory trends will shape the financial services industry in the year ahead and provides solutions to guide leaders in effectively navigating the changes.

At a glance

We have identified six cross-sector themes of strategic significance for the financial services industry in 2019. Alongside our six cross-sector themes, we have also identified six supervisory constants – although not new, these will be important areas of supervisory focus in 2019. We also have a number of sector specific themes, related to Banking, Capital Markets, Insurance, and Investment Management respectively. A snapshot of each theme is contained in the tabs below, or you can access a full summary of our predictions with the tool further down the page.

FINMA has stated its commitment to ‘promote equivalence with relevant international requirements’; Across all sectors, we expect to see the impact of this, with revised regulations and supervisory approaches landing in 2020.

In the forthcoming year, firms operating in Switzerland will need to focus their regulatory risk management efforts on responding across this diverse suite of topics including: cyber security, client protection, mitigation of the too big to fail problem, IBOR, enhanced data quality and internal measures to prevent financial crime. Simultaneously, firms are also operating with political uncertainty from Brexit and US reforms; firms will need to have fall-back solutions in place to succeed in this environment.

Looking further into the future, the regulatory landscape will continue to broaden. We expect this to encompass market disruptions linked to technological innovation and climate change. The inclusion of climate change for the first time in this report shows the significance of this topic. Firms will need to monitor these emerging global trends and the most proactive will start to incorporate these themes into their regulatory strategy, risk management frameworks, and stress testing capability.


Each theme is contained in the tabs below, or you can access a full summary of our predictions with the tool further down the page.

Our predictions for 2019

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