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Performance issue 23, May 2017 | Magazine

In this edition, we take you on a small world tour and investigating how different countries are tackling the issues facing the investment management industry. We start in the UK, where we interview the CEO of Aviva Investors on regulations, robo-advice, and more. We also take you to Southeast Asia, The Netherlands, United States, and Luxembourg, to capture the sentiment of similar topics. No IM publication in 2017 would be complete without a view on Brexit. In addition, Switzerland contributed an article about “innovation in private banking and wealth management”.

Performance issue 23

Performance issue 22, January 2017 | Magazine

In this January 2017 edition, we are especially looking at a sub-sector of the industry—the alternatives sector. Like all parts of the investment industry, the alternatives sector faces a number of significant challenges—and opportunities. We cover a range of these topics from several different viewpoints across the wide sub-sector. We also offer a broad mix of articles examining different aspects of asset and investment management, such as real estate, impact investing, disruptive technologies and industrialisation.

Performance issue 22

Performance issue 21, September 2016 | Magazine

This new edition of Performance magazine focuses on the Southeast Asia region’s challenges but also opportunities for financial institutions.

Performance issue 21

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Performance issue 20, May 2016 | Magazine

This edition of Performance focuses on the Middle East region, which still presents considerable growth opportunities for both the public and private sector entities.

Although the region’s banks are seeing some slowdown in market activity, due to the associated geopolitical risk and reduction in the in-flow of petrodollars, these banks continue to be well capitalised, with healthy balance sheets and record profit announcements.

Performance issue 20

Performance issue 19, January 2016 | Magazine

This edition of Performance breaks new ground in bringing you insights that inform as well as provoke reflection. It challenges stereotypes as it challenges pre-conceived or accepted ideas, and it updates our understanding of what is new and what is topical in the wide world of investing. It addresses many financial services, in which the outlook and solutions for the asset management industry are portrayed.

Performance issue 19

Performance issue 18, September 2015 | Magazine

In this edition, we examine the role of private equity in pension investing; we look once again at China and the ever-evolving paths that take us to inward and outward investment in the Middle Kingdom. We also look at the question of investment management for insurance companies.

Performance issue 18

Performance issue 17, May 2015 | Magazine

In this edition, our colleagues share their thoughts on diverse subjects as the ongoing debate on outsourcing: to outsource or not to outsource?

There is also a fascinating focus on private equity investing in Africa. You will find a regulatory agenda in order for you to keep track of the never-ending pipeline of regulatory change.

Performance issue 17

Performance issue 16, January 2015 | Magazine

This 16th edition of Performance Magazine contains valuable contributions from a range of industry luminaries. To set the scene, we take a look at Japan’s Government Pension Investment Fund and the future of the Japanese equity market. The magazine also explores a variety of topics impacting the global investment management industry.

Performance issue 16

Performance issue 15, September 2014 | Magazine

This 15th edition of Performance addresses some of the interesting challenges facing asset managers. It also explores the changing investment management landscape in markets such as the UK and Mauritius and sub-sector groups such as securities lending and hedge funds.

Performance issue 15

Performance issue 14, May 2014 | Magazine

This 14th issue of Performance catalogues looks at how institutional investors are once again pushing those the borders as they fully embrace alternative investments

Performance issue 14

Performance issue 13, January 2014 | Magazine

In this edition of Performance, which contains valuable contributions from a range of industry experts, we focus on the future approaches to wealth management in Europe, and especially in Switzerland, in light of European tax and regulatory changes. We also examine some of the regulations impacting (or soon to be) the investment management industry in Switzerland and the EU. For example, we outline the impact of MiFID II and take a look at the debate on shadow banking regulation. A significant contribution to the overall theme will also be made by our external contributors, who will give their views on Switzerland's future as a wealth management centre.

In addition to our main theme, you will find the usual variety of topics ranging from new tax regulations for the distribution of funds to the results of Deloitte’s global risk management survey and the implications for investment managers. We also look ahead to the mutual funds markets in 2014.

Performance issue 13

Performance issue 12 - September 2013 | Magazine

Now is the time for asset managers to redesign their global operating model. The future of asset management - Davids and Goliaths? Power law investing.


Performance issue 12

Performance issue 11 - May 2013 | Magazine

Optimisation of the trade management cycle in the investment industry. Investment Funds' performance and Financial Transactions Tax. AIFMD Remuneration.

Performance issue 11
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