Risk, Culture, and Talent in Global Financial Services

Review. Reinforce. Reframe. Refine.

Risk, Culture, and Talent in Global Financial Services is the outcome of a 2014 survey targeted at global senior leaders of financial services firms including CEOs, CFOs, CHROs and CROs to assess the extent of people impacts stemming from ever-changing regulatory implications. The report also aims to identify the organization, culture and talent issues business leaders are grappling with in response to their risk and regulatory environment, and to learn what organizations are doing to address these issues.

The global survey findings indicate four key areas of opportunity when navigating the current and future regulatory environment. Download the report to find out more about opportunities to:

  • Review risk management programs by expanding their scope to focus on people in addition to rules and controls;
  • Reinforce the need for increased CXO accountability and in particular the board’s role in providing increased stewardship, governance and management of talent-related risk;
  • Reframe talent, compensation and performance management programs to reflect risk management tenets;
  • Refine the culture to move toward one of trust and ‘risk intelligence’ where everyone understands the organization's approach to risk, takes personal responsibility to manage risk, and encourages others to follow their example.
Risk, Culture, and Talent in Global Financial Services
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