FATCA Workshops

We offer a number of tailored FATCA support packages. Learn more about them here.

Basic Presentation Package

  • Pro-and-con comparison of different possible FATCA classifications;
  • Blueprint of interactions between final FATCA regulations and both models of intergovernmental agreements;
  • Checklist of Responsible Officer requirements;
  • Detailed overview of pre-existing individual customer classification procedures, including decision trees, indicia searches and required record-keeping for audits of review procedures;
  • Detailed overview of pre-existing entity customer classification procedures, including decision trees and supporting documentation needed for different classifications;
  • Vetted methodology of quality assurance through data sampling;
  • Outline of revisions to on-boarding requirements in order to ensure compliance; and
  • Specialized presentations crafted for niche financial sectors, such as asset management, fiduciary structures and insurers.

Tailored Workshop Package

Similar to the basic presentation covering selected topics, but in advance we will review your specific documents, systems and processes and mold our advice to an assessment of your specific implementation program. We will conduct a workshop with key stakeholders in which we present the selected topics addressed to the company’s specific concerns and solicit feedback from the stakeholders at the meeting so that following the workshop we can prepare a roadmap of concrete steps needed over the subsequent months in order to meet crucial FATCA-imposed deadlines as efficiently and least disruptively as possible. 

Technical Advisory Package

Beginning with either a basic presentation or a tailored workshop and followed with the availability to answer technical questions on an on-going basis, draft internal and external communications and training materials and provide training sessions with key personnel