CRS and FATCA online courses

Interested in learning about CRS and FATCA compliance? Deloitte in Switzerland and VisionCompliance are partnering to provide two online courses tailored to relationship managers’ needs.

What are our CRS and FATCA online courses about?

What is special about our online courses?

Our expertise

Our online courses combine CRS and FATCA subject matter expertise with proven educational methodologies. Deloitte’s CRS and FATCA dedicated experts developed the content leveraging off of their financial industry expertise as well as practical project experience. VisionCompliance has made use of its knowledge transfer expertise to maximise efficiency of the training, ensuring that the technical content can be easily absorbed by the audience.

Our up-to-date content

We monitor regulatory changes and adapt the courses on a regular basis.

Available options

Our CRS course is divided into two modules of a total length of approximately one and a half hours, covering key information Relationship Managers need to know about this transparency regime. The course is already available in both English and French and is currently being translated into additional languages.

Our FATCA course package includes a condensed version (available in English and French) of approximately one hour, covering key facts and focus points for Relationship Managers, and an extended three and a half hour version (available in English), including background on the Qualified Intermediary (QI) regime as well as a deep dive into FATCA, which is suitable for front office as well as support functions.

Adaptive infrastructure

We have flexible delivery models and our courses can be run directly from your Learning Management System (LMS) or out of VisionCompliance’s learning platform.

Transparent pricing

Our pricing model is aligned to your organisation’s size, which makes the courses affordable not only to large banks, but also to boutique institutions. Package discounts are available when subscribing to more than one course or to multiple languages.

Want to know more?

For detailed information with respect to the format, content or delivery model of these courses, please do not hesitate to contact us. For a demonstration meeting, please contact Karim Schubiger.

Contact our experts

Brandi Caruso

Brandi Caruso

Financial Services Tax & Legal

Brandi heads the Tax Transparency offering within the Financial Services Tax & Legal practice across Switzerland, responsible for services related to QI, FATCA, CRS, and 871(m). She is a technical adv... More

Karim Schubiger

Karim Schubiger

Financial Services Tax & Legal

Karim leads the Tax Transparency team in the Suisse Romande and Ticino markets within the Financial Services Tax & Legal practice, responsible for services related to QI, FATCA, CRS, and 871(m). He is... More

About VisionCompliance and Deloitte

VisionCompliance specialises in educational programs in banking and financial compliance. Over 60 banks in Switzerland rely on VisionCompliance, which is a leading Swiss company providing online, as well as in-class, training courses in banking compliance. Deloitte in Switzerland has more than 1,600 professionals operating out of six cities and has one of the largest management consulting businesses in the country. Deloitte is also the leading provider of tax services in Switzerland, according to the International Tax Review (Swiss Tax Firm of the Year for 2017 for the fifth consecutive year) and has been ranked as a Tier 1 Practice. The rating, based on a firm’s breadth of resources, experience, quality of work and range of specialisms, is only granted to a handful of firms in each country.