CRS relationship monitor

The Taxparency CRS relationship monitor provides an overview of the relationships between booking centre and Account Holder jurisdictions as well as the resulting due diligence and reporting obligations under CRS.

Navigating the matrix

Deloitte subject matter experts use web crawling functionality to identify relevant information exchange agreements and lists of Participating and Reportable Jurisdictions. This information feeds into a comprehensive database and rule engine, which is accessible via a web interface.

FIs must closely monitor CRS agreements and relevant lists published by local authorities to fulfil due diligence and reporting obligations. These monitoring efforts are burdensome, in particular for FIs with operations in multiple jurisdictions. The user can access the results in an interactive table on a web interface and can search, filter, sort, and export results to effectively integrate the data into operational processes.

In addition, this consolidated view of relationships allows a central control or project function to ensure it has visibility of key CRS requirements. It is thus much easier to assess the impact of CRS for an organisation and keep up with the on-going changes.