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Intellectual Property Investigations & Services

Our intellectual property (IP) investigations team has experience in helping clients to value and enforce their intellectual property rights in a range of contexts – transactions, licensing, tax planning, financial reporting and regulatory reviews, as well as disputes.

As a licensor of valuable IP rights, a company may have concerns that it does not have visibility over its licensees.

If any of the following statements apply, it is possible that royalty or licensing income may be understated:

  • Royalities collected have differed significantly from projected amounts;
  • The company deals with companies in jurisdictions that are less strict about IP laws; or
  • The company has experienced fluctuations in royalty income and has received royalty reports that have changed in format or content.

Our investigations experience suggests that 80% of licensees reported royalty payments were incorrect, with mis-payments amounting to between 8% and 45% of reported amounts. The incorrect payments identified by Deloitte exceeded engagement fees more than 90% of the time.

Our experienced team provides expert and commercial advice across a wide range of industries, which can help you to carry out comprehensive IP investigations and maximise value from licensing arrangements.

Our global network covers more than 140 countries

Our global network covers more than 140 countries, enabling us to call on appropriate local resource with the relevant language and investigations skills and cultural awareness, to staff your investigations.

Our skill set covers a wide range of IP rights across industries, including:

  • Pharmaceutical patents;
  • Copyrighted content in the media industry;
    Trade marked consumer brands; and
  • Technological patents and trade secrets.

Our IP investigations team conduct royalty investigations on behalf of licensors to help assess the completeness of licensing income returns. We also work with licensees to help quantify their potential exposure or rebut allegations of royalty underpayments.

Our wider team regularly advises on valuation and financial reporting issues surrounding intangible assets, and our IP due diligence investigations team can help maximise the income derived from IP rights prior to a business sale. In cases of IP theft or counterfeiting activity, our forensic technology specialists can investigate and evidence the trail of IP leakage, be it external or internal.