Deloitte Forensic Services

Deloitte’s Forensic Services team in Switzerland consists of experts from a wide variety of backgrounds and industries, including Chartered and Certified accountants, former internal and external auditors, ex -law enforcement officers, lawyers and IT/technology experts.

Analytic & Forensic Technology

We use technology to gather and analyse large data sets with forensic rigour, ensuring that clients can rely on our outputs and know that relevant information has been reviewed expertly. We enable our clients to gather information that can be used effectively to conduct investigations, negotiate with regulators and settle disputes.

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In a complex business dispute or regulatory investigation, all parties face one certainty: the discovery process. Deloitte’s global industry and technical experience yields a more intelligent approach to discovery.

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Asset tracing & recovery

Sophisticated criminals use more and more complex financial vehicles to conceal the location and source of misappropriated assets. Our Asset Tracing and Recovery experts will work with you and your legal adviser to attempt to recover misappropriated funds, quickly and discretely.

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Asset Tracing

Business Intelligence Services

Important decisions require a detailed understanding of the facts – and these facts may not always be immediately accessible. Deloitte’s Business Intelligence Services (BIS) team conducts confidential background research into companies, individuals and events, combining public records research, reviews of open sources including commercial databases, media archives and the internet and access to an extensive network of confidential sources in various sectors of industry to provide clients with a complete picture and to enable them to make informed decisions.

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Business Intelligence

Financial Crime and Risk Management

Legislation, regulatory imperatives and proposed new guidance for corporates all mean that it is no longer adequate for firms to deal simply with financial crime as it arises. It is necessary to have an effective risk management strategy in place and to be able to demonstrate that the firm is engaged in effective financial crime risk management. Complying with this need should be straight forward with the right advice.

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Financial Crime

Forensic Due Diligence

When an organisation engages in the purchase of another, a client or a portfolio, acquires shares, enters into a co-operation agreement with another organisation, or even takes a minority stake in another organisation, it runs the risk of entering into an unexpected and potentially harmful situation.

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Due Diligence

Intellectual Property Investigations & Services

Our intellectual property (IP) investigations team has experience in helping clients to value and enforce their intellectual property rights in a range of contexts – transactions, licensing, tax planning, financial reporting and regulatory reviews, as well as disputes.

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Intellectual Property

Expert Witness & Arbitration

We focus on providing clear and concise expert opinions on the financial aspects of disputes; in particular, the assessment of complex accounting information, assessment of business losses, and the valuation of assets as part of disputes.

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Expert witness

Regulatory Investigations

We help clients to respond to regulatory investigations, especially related to anti-money laundering (AML), sanctions, bribery & corruption, cross-border taxation and relevant competition and pricing regulations in many jurisdictions.

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Bribery and Corruption Risk Management

Prosecutors and regulators across the globe are becoming increasingly active in enforcing anti-corruption legislation. The number of enforcement actions, the number of jurisdictions within which enforcement actions have been brought and the size and nature of fines and penalties have all increased significantly over the last few years.

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Dispute Services

With decades of experience, our Dispute Services professionals have a successful track record in helping external lawyers and their clients, and now increasingly in-house lawyers, address challenging financial and economic issues in complex disputes.

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