Dispute Services

Strengthen your position

With decades of experience, our Dispute Services professionals have a successful track record in helping external lawyers and their clients, and now increasingly in-house lawyers, address challenging financial and economic issues in complex disputes.

Our team provides valuable financial insight and clarity to the legal team during all stages of a dispute, from case theory development and discovery, via mediation and settlement discussions, to expert witness testimony.

Our services help to maximise the client’s chances of negotiating a favourable early settlement, by quickly obtaining and analysing information and collaborating with the client negotiating team.

In assisting clients, our team uses many different proprietary tools, methodologies and technologies that include state-of-the-art data mining and mapping, electronic discovery and computer forensic capabilities. We also maintain associations with outside experts, academics and various "think tanks" for cases requiring additional specific expertise, especially relating to anti-trust and Intellectual Property issues.