Financial crime


Financial Crime and Risk Management

Legislation, regulatory imperatives and proposed new guidance for corporates all mean that it is no longer adequate for firms to deal simply with financial crime as it arises. It is necessary to have an effective risk management strategy in place and to be able to demonstrate that the firm is engaged in effective financial crime risk management. Complying with this need should be straight forward with the right advice.

Deloitte’s Fraud Risk Management team helps organisations assess their vulnerabilities, define major weaknesses in systems and processes from both an external and an internal perspective, and minimise financial crime risk. We are able to assist with the development of anti-fraud and bribery/corruption policies, procedures and controls, and with designing and delivering training to management and staff.

We can provide a suite of tools and approaches to assist in delivering a fraud and financial crime risk management system:

  • Vulnerability diagnostic - identifies key potential legal and regulatory compliance gaps and issues and provides an objective review of an organization’s fraud risk management framework
  • D&Termine - a web enabled survey tool that allows an organisation to understand and analyse its staff’s perceptions, attitude and experience in the fields of fraud and business ethics and so identify potential risk factors and weaknesses
  • Vulnerability workshops - a highly participative process with staff and management that identifies specific financial fraud vulnerabilities
  • D -Tect - our proprietary electronic data analysis tool that enables us to interrogate massive data sets across the business and investigate possible red flags and fraud indicators
  • Staff training - helps an organisation train its employees in fraud awareness
  • Whistleblower Hotlines and Policies - we assist organisations in developing whistleblower policies and hotlines, as well as fraud response plans
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