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Forensic Due Diligence

When an organisation engages in the purchase of another, a client or a portfolio, acquires shares, enters into a co-operation agreement with another organisation, or even takes a minority stake in another organisation, it runs the risk of entering into an unexpected and potentially harmful situation.

For this reason, forensic specialists should be involved in a thorough due-diligence process before any significant transaction is completed.

Some questions to consider in terms of transaction risk are:

Some questions to consider in terms of transaction risk are:

  • Is the legislation respected, concerning for example money laundering regulations, corruption and/or conflicts of interest?
  • What are the risks of serious fraud and what controls are in place?
  • What are the specifications of the different markets and/or sectors in which the organisation operates?
  • What is the degree of actual knowledge concerning the reputation and commercial ties of the transactions partner and its senior management?
  • Is all the information available in order to negotiate optimally?
  • How is an effective and relevant scoreboard for due diligence set up?
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