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Introducing Deloitte Conduct Watch

For over 20 years and in response to constantly evolving whistleblower legislation, Deloitte has advised our global clients on how to minimise workplace misconduct through the use of Conduct Watch, our independent and trusted whistleblowing solution.

Whistleblowers have important information about misconduct in their organisation, such as fraud, corruption, or serious breach of policy. According to ACFE’s annual Report to the Nations, whistleblowers account for 40% of the discovery of internal misconduct, including fraud. Our team offers the Deloitte Conduct Watch service globally, both online and as a call centre service. Whistleblowers can lodge a disclosure 24/7, confidentially, from anywhere around the world. Deloitte Conduct Watch can be presented to potential whistleblowers within an organisation as either a Deloitte service or as the organisation’s own service, customised to its own circumstances and requirement.


Manage your whistleblowing risk with Deloitte Conduct Watch

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About Deloitte Conduct Watch

Deloitte Conduct Watch is a digital whistleblowing solution, which provides organisations with a secure and confidential reporting channel layered with advanced security features. It meets the legislative requirements and is adaptable to new laws as they emerge. The platform is designed specifically for user needs: using Conduct Watch, whistleblowers are guided carefully through the process, supporting them, and enabling them at any time to access updates on progress in the case they have reported. Whistleblower reports are organised in a structured case management tool that helps the client’s authorised users to review and manage all disclosures. Deloitte Conduct Watch can act as a communication channel between the client and the whistleblower, while maintaining and protecting the whistleblower’s anonymity.

Key Deloitte Conduct Watch features

Taking the stress out of a high-risk process the Conduct Watch service is based on simple features that our clients have helped us shaped over the past fourteen years.


Full protection of the identity of a whistleblower who chooses to remain anonymous. Personal identifiers are stripped from reports and redacted from documents that may be used in investigations.


Whistleblowers can make secure disclosures via website, email, fax, post or phone. The simplest service offers whistleblowers access 24/7 from anywhere in the world via an encrypted online link to the whistleblowing platform. The link to the Deloitte service can be loaded on the company website, shared in internal communications, and integrated into training.


Registered disclosures are reviewed by experts and converted into structured reports for investigation. High risk matters are prioritised. Easy-to-digest report summaries are loaded onto a dashboard to be reviewed by your nominated Disclosure Coordinator (HR leader, legal or risk executive).


Our whistleblowing report-taking process includes workflow and controls that help ensure that report handling is compliant with Swiss regulations – lowering the risk of confidentiality breaches, fines and adverse media reports.


Disclosures, interviews, case evidence and timelines are consolidated in one place.


Deloitte Conduct Watch has a flat sign-on subscription fee with trigger points based on the number of reports received by the client. Various free support assets are offered to subscribers to the service, including a whistleblower implementation kit consisting of an onboarding guide, training video on using the tool, and updates on the risk profile of the client’s organisations based on its report patterns in comparison to industry trends.


Deloitte analysts condense what is often in-depth detail to provide you with actionable insights, giving you the facts, you need to prioritise, investigate and remedy reported problems efficiently. If you want to refer the case to outside legal counsel, law enforcement or regulatory bodies, the reported facts are clear.


Deloitte Conduct Watch clients can:

  • Rely on a trusted global firm delivering sound risk management
  • Access a 24/7, multi-channel and multi-lingual service
  • Use a monitored and cyber-secure portal
    • With a customisable web link that belongs to them
    • Where all whistleblower dialogue is moderated by experts to insulate your managers from regulatory risk
    • Where disclosure reports are structured for action
    • Accessible from a single management dashboard
    • That can be benchmarked with similar organisations.


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