Agile innovation for next generation mobile business

Mobile Business Study

Incumbent firms are starting to use new methods and tools for their innovation projects, which have often been used already in different settings, such as in start-ups, design, and software development. In this study, we will specifically look at concepts from Lean Enterprise/Start-up, Design Thinking, and agile methods (Scrum) to see how they can be applied to the innovation approaches of incumbent firms today.

During summer 2017, we explored the design of very recent «Digital Innovation» in 9 incumbent firms in the DACH-region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). More than 30 interviewed innovation executives and project managers gave insights into whether and how their principles, methods and tools are different for innovation projects in the digital age. Researching their development of digital products and services, we a) proof that a Agile Innovation is evolving and b) present Next Generation Mobile Business Use Cases from the latest digital technology.

In this study in collaboration with the University of St. Gallen and Namics, we are excited to use the data collected in these interviews to present our analysis and results focused on methods and tools for digital innovation from three perspectives in current digital innovation projects:

  • Software Dev (Agile methods)
  • Design (Design Thinking )
  • Start-ups (Lean Start -up) 
Mobile Business Study

Key components of agile innovation

Where do I start?

In order to adapt to new innovation logics, change management and agile transformation must go hand in hand. Start small; do not over-engineer the process from the start. Use “agile” not only for software development projects, but also for innovation processes. Put team members over processes. It is more about team spirit, respect, and appreciation. «Just do it» seems to be the governing motto. 

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